Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mladenka: OMG...

We took these on Tuesday and I'm finally looking through them 4 days later. Typically when that happens, the momentary excitement from that day's shooting dissipates.

These totally blew me away! Mladenka totally owned this set!

I'm trying to select pictures in Lightroom for retouching but as you can see I'm having a hard time when they're all so good. I haven't posted any blog entries about the retouching process and all the new pictures but I had to say something when I saw this. I had to tell someone, anyone! First thing I did was do a screen capture and send them to my brother. Then I posted it on flickr and my ModelMayhem site. These are straight out of the box images (unretouched)! I can't believe we shot these...

I'm totally blown away. Did I say that already? Seriously, I'm so rarely impressed these days but this is phenomenal!

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