Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mladenka: The Look

I had some more time today and decided to try my hand at retouching one of Mladenka's first sets we shot back in July. Digging through Mladenka's old shoots is like digging through a treasure chest... you know for sure you're going to find gold.

This picture is basically a derivative of two other pictures that I had already retouched back in July. Of course, lots has changed since July and just like my revisiting of Amber's pictures, I wanted to see what I'd do differently this time. Here's a comparison:

Nobody's Perfect... Right

Blue Muse

Mladenka: The Look

One of the first and most apparent things about the new pictures is clarity and sharpness. There is an unprecedented level of detail in the new pictures that the old ones lack. The old ones are smoother and almost hazier and perhaps more pleasing to the eye in that respect but the new ones have more crisp detail. It also takes me much less time to get through these new retouched pictures than before...

What obviously hasn't changed is Mladenka's incredible look.

Camera info: Nikon D3, Nikkor 85mm f/1.4, 1/160th, ISO200, f/10

Strobist info: Main light is an AB800 in a 22" beauty dish with 20 degree gridspot coming from upper camera left. 2 AB800's as kickers/rim lights left and right about shoulder high with barndoors. 1 SB-800 hanging overhead in a Lumiquest SB-III (camera upper front between Mladenka and the background). Lastly an SB-800 between the background and Mladenka, on a stand shooting directly into a black background. Pretty much my typical bread and butter setup :) The blue is from white balance settings. Triggered with Gadget Infinity (Cactus) V4.

Processing info: PS CS3 Lr2.0

Model/Makeup: Mladenka Grgic

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