Friday, October 23, 2009

Kenna: Features

I already know as I type this that I'm going to catch hell for this image because "the Average Joe" can't handle the shadows in her eyes and around her face.

But that's the beauty of this image.

So before you say, "it's too dark..." please understand that this was my intent. Kenna has incredible facial features, the pouty lips, perfect nose, godly cheekbones all shine in this image. Even her intense blue eyes somehow manage to shine through if you look closely enough even though I burned the shadows under her brow very hard.

I love the curvature of her body, the slight head tilt back. Everything about this full-framed image and the individual components screamed at me when I looked through it on Lr.

I treated this image very differently than normal. Kenna has such perfect skin it's amazing... and thus I don't have to go through the usual motions of blemish removal. Instead I spend my time burning those dark shadows... darker.

Looking through the layers that I worked through for this image, I spent a lot of time making sure that the exposure and color across the body was even. That's something I rarely have to do but I didn't want the blue in the jeans skirt to overpower the vibrance of the frame. Also the beauty dish gridded leaves the bottom half of the body a little dark so it was brought back up in exposure.

I love this picture. On an artistic and emotional level it really speaks to me... which is funny because I'm usually deaf to the mumblings of the inner creative.

Camera info: D3/24-70 f/2.8G @60mm, 1/250th (ooops that's faster than sync speed with the AB's and the V4), f/7.1, ISO200

Strobist info: AB800 in 22" beauty dish from upper camera right and SB-800 on-axis attached to the Ray Flash ringflash adapter. As always you can see the infamous setup here.

Model: Kenna Cade

Makeup: Kelli Zehnder

Wardrobe: Michelle Green

And in case you were curious about some of the earlier layers/steps I went through...

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