Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kim: Flickr Favorite

You guys are killing me. I spend just as much time on the other pictures but you insist on rewarding the ones that show the most skin. What's so great about scantily clad chicks?

So here's one for the masses. You bastards. I hate you all :)

Spent lots of time in PS only to go full circle and pretty much end up where I started. I love the skin tones and the warmth and every time I tried to dial it back whether with desaturation or with B&W blending, I always came back to the warm skin tones and the blue background. Couldn't get away from it.

And no she's not topless... she's wearing a yellow bra. You know, the one she was wearing in the other picture. You sick sick puppies you...

Although I'll admit I picked this one because of the implied implied nudity. Haha, tricked you... bastards.

Can you sense the resentment? :)

Watch, this picture's gonna kicked out of the flickr groups because it's too "explicit".

Camera info: D3/85mm f/1.4D @f/8, 1/200th, ISO200

Strobist info: See picture for details

Model/wardrobe: Kim Fattorini (what wardrobe???)

Makeup: Alyssa Fong

The world is full of perverted minds and they all reside on flickr...

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