Monday, October 26, 2009


When I saw this in Lr, I said "Wow..."

Then I said it another 20 or so times.

There's nothing that can be said about this shot that could really do it justice. Words can't express what you see, which is probably why I do what I do.

I spent quite a while in PS because my lighting was done "poorly", casting the latter half of the body with more light which is exactly opposite of what I was going for. Oops.

There's one little thing that I did in Photoshop this time that I have never tried before. I'm going to keep this a secret for now and try it a few more times before I make up my mind about how I feel about it. It doe add a certain editorial feel to the image.

This was what I had in mind when I shot "
Sign of things to come?" In retrospect the scaling issue was bigger than I had planned because Kenna being 5'7" (and 6'0" with heels) can really stretch across the tile boards. I really need more space to shoot this with a darker background. Hell I might need another board or two.

Kenna's gorgeous. I realize that this might be the first time that the flickr world has seen her face since the other images of her were cast in shadow, but she's got incredible features as
Features shows. What a face! I suppose the endless legs aren't bad either.

Camera info: D3/24-70mm @55mm, 1/200th, f/7.1 ISO200

Strobist info: Ironically, this isn't so much the
Bear Lighting Setup but instead closer to a variation of the BD and Ray Flash combination, but lying down. I used the gridded BD from camera slighting upper left and filled with the SB-800 with Ray Flash adapter on it.

Model: Kenna Cade

Wardrobe: Kenna Cade/Michelle Green

Makeup: Kelli Zehnder

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