Monday, May 10, 2010


You can't imagine how many times I've heard, "all your stuff is the same" or "you should really shoot outside". I heard it so often I was starting to wonder, "maybe I'm just a one-trick-pony?"

Well, here's to being a one-trick pony :)

I'm falling in love with shooting outside... making amends with my reflectors, that I've ignored for so long... oh and Sarah showed me another "secret spot" to shoot here around our neighborhood ;)


  1. So much for the one-trick-pony theory. I think that if you can work well with indoor, artificial monolights, you can work well outdoors. The same principles apply (with some variations, of course), except I find that people who work with monolights are more cognizant of how to manipulate lighting when they work outdoors. You can't say the same in reverse. Usually people who shoot strictly with natural light aren't as skillful with manipulating light.

    Just my two-cents observation.

    Btw, these are really lovely shots.

  2. Thanks for the awesome comments! I couldn't agree with you more about light manipulation. I find that people who are more "ambient-shooters" are more passive and IMHO a lot less observant when it comes to lighting (*cough wedding photographers!). LOL!

    All jokes aside, "ambient-shooters" tend to shun hard light and are usually looking for diffuse light (read: shade) and seldom employ the benefits of reflectors, diffusers and other light modifiers. One shouldn't forget that even ambient light can be modified :)