Friday, May 7, 2010

Birds and bird-flu

So the morning of my shoot with Sarah, I find a feather on the front lawn of my house. Figuring it would make an interesting prop, I brought it to the shoot. I'm a big fan of feathers, furs, shiny things, textured materials, hoods, etc... pretty much anything interesting.

The feather belongs to one of the large birds-of-prey that hunt in our neighborhood. I live along the foothills so I often see hawks and occasionally eagles grabbing lunch and dinner from around my house. Most recently I saw a hawk catch a rat on the side of the road as I was heading out of my house. This is good because the entire area is infested with rodents. Actually we have skunks, raccoons, opossum, voles, rats, and squirrels... and those are just the species I have seen, I'm sure there are others.

Anyway, here's the feather in action with a beautiful bird ;)

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