Thursday, May 20, 2010

The love affair continues... Scrim Jim

Yesterday I talked about how the love affair with natural light has continued. Today I received my used medium Scrim Jim in the mail.

The Scrim Jim is a modular system. Basically it's a few aluminum bars you put together together and velcro the diffuser/reflector on the assembled frame. It's modular because you can make it bigger or smaller. To go bigger you have to have more aluminum bars. Two of them sell for $100 but you can go from a 4'x6' to a 6'x6' foot frame. You'll also of course need the various sized diffuser/reflector pieces.

The good news? It's light. It's easy to put together. It has cut-outs for handholding. It's pretty damn big at 4'x6' (actually 42"x72" but who's counting?)

The bad news? It's damn expensive. New medium kits retail for $280 (I bought mine used on eBay for $150). The enlargement bars are $100 a set and the new fabrics (white/reflector) aren't cheap either. Plus, with that much material, you've got a bigger kite on your hands.

At least it won't fold like a bad joke in the wind... but I foresee it being quite unmanageable in strong gusts... especially the larger it gets.

Overall, I'm excited. Taken apart, it fits nicely in a small bag and doesn't take too long to put together. I'm really looking forward to blinding some unsuspecting models. If it's too strong, the backside of the silver reflector material is a shiny white material that's less reflective but still might fit the bill!

Here's the Scrim Jim in action with the 10.5 year old pup :) Shot with the best camera in the world. The iPhone ;)

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