Saturday, May 15, 2010

MacBook Pro 6.2 update

It may not score higher than the Mac Pro or the best iMac on GeekBench but I can take it wherever I want.

The i7 MacBook Pro 6.2 runs hots but not as hot as people claim. I see bursts that get up to 187º Fahrenheit but my typical operating temps are around 155º Fahrenheit during retouches. Typing this blog now I'm only seeing 120º Fahrenheit.

I run Snow Leopard in 64-bit to take advantage of the faster processing speeds. That being said, there are definitely some compatibility issues between Photoshop CS5 and the new MacBook but that might be Adobe's fault. Hopefully both Adobe and Apple will release updates to their new software/hardware.

The 256GB of SSD fills up quickly but as long as I'm diligent about offloading older shoots to the Drobo I have plenty of space. I use the internal SSD also as Photoshop's scratch disk so I've got to be extra diligent about keeping plenty of free space on the drive so that swap files and virtual memory have plenty of space.

8GB of RAM really isn't enough. I still see plenty of page outs. It feels like Photoshop will still page out even though there's free RAM left. I wish I could install more but 8GB is the limit on the MBP's.

The screen is much more friendly to use in various environments. While it doesn't have that nice black bezel, the matte screen really keeps the reflections/glare at bay.

The battery life on the MBP is a welcome change to the computer. 2 hours after being unplugged, I've got 5 more hours to go.

Overall however, although I've completely migrated from another computer, Migration Utility has allowed me to literally not skip a beat. I know I migrated over from the MB 5.1 but it feels like this is the same computer with beefier specs... hopefully things continue smoothly with the MBP 6.2.

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