Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I can explain that: Hasselblad USA

I demoed a Hasselblad H3DII-31 with 80mm f/2.8 today in studio from Matthew Frary, Hasselblad's area representative. We took a few pictures of Lyz and compared them to the same relative images generated by the Nikon D3 with 24-70mm f/2.8G. Needless to say the result was more dynamic range and a lot more megapixels.

Attached is the processed H3DII-31 image retouched:

I'm a little bothered that the image somehow decided to insert a logo on the bottom left hand corner of the image upon exporting from Lightroom. I don't know how that was inserted into the image and it's rather disturbing. This means that the Hasselblad files are messing with my Lr export functions and I don't like that.

Here were the things I didn't like about the H3DII-31:
-I couldn't slide the RadioPopper JrX onto the hotshoe of the H3DII-31 body
-The rear of the body LCD is grainy. Definitely worse than the D3 by a lot even though they are both 3"
-Potentially more moiré although I didn't experience it
-Adds 2 steps to my workflow: import into Phocus as FFF and then export as DNG

Of course I liked the boost of dynamic range over the D3 and the megapixels to spare. The focus on the body was good. I didn't have trouble with focusing (although lately I've been having focus hunting issues with the D3). It pretty much just worked and I liked that. ISO800 was useable and I appreciate having that as an option. ISO100 and ISO200 were indistinguishable to me. The files straight out of the camera are tack sharp because the camera doesn't employ an AA filter over the sensor. Syncing at 1/500th was no problem and we could have sync'd at 1/800th.

Is it worth $12K? That's how much a new one from B&H would cost. Here are some smaller comparisons of the D3 unretouched image vs. the H3DII-31 unretouched:

If you remember the comparison between the D3 and the Mamiya 645AFDII then you'll recognize the difference between the two files. Otherwise, it might escape the untrained eye.

Anyway these are the things I'm considering tonight...

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