Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I'm afraid of is...

That when I shoot with the H3DII-31 I might not get the same results... in other words, I'll get worse results.

How could you get worse results shooting with the H3DII-31 over the D3?

I've developed a lot of pixel-dependent retouching techniques. I'm used to seeing files in 4256x2832 canvasses. Keep in the mind the D3 pixels are different. There's an AA filter that blurs stuff. Plus with 12MP this means I have less detail/definition and definitely less dynamic range.

With the H3DII-31 my files are 6496x4872. Everything's going to be different even if I had the identical lens (which I do not so the focal length differences are going to change the files as well). Primarily I'm concerned with my techniques. When I sharpen, when I bur, when I liquefy, or even resize... these are all pixel-dependent actions. If I change the size and detail of the pixels, this will inevitably change the outcome of the actions. You'd think I could just increase the size of the pixel-dependent action (e.g. blur or sharpen) by the multiplier (31MP vs. 12MP), but it's not that simple. The pixels themselves are different. The H3DII files are so sharp they can cut you. I won't be able to (or I won't have to) sharpen as much as I am used to.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself. I just got the camera back and I don't even know if it functions properly (yet). But I am well aware of the advances I've made in the retouching department since my H3DII took a nice vacation to Redmond, WA and then to Copenhagen, Denmark. Who knows how the files will react to my new techniques?


  1. I'd love to read a post where you rationalise the purchase of an H3D. Jealously aside, I can't even begin to imagine the economic sensibilities of such an investment!

  2. LOL! I looked through my old posts... looks like I never rationalized the purchase of the H3D.

    Probably because there's no decent rationalization ;) hahaha