Tuesday, August 10, 2010

7 images

I retouched 7 images today. I started at 10AM and with many breaks in the middle (even had time to attend a designer's event in West Hollywood) finishing up now. Things sure have changed since the days of the endless retouches.

Had a great weekend. Shot Alex from FORD on Saturday and then shot Nicole from Pinkerton on Sunday. I have yet to review Nicole's images. I'm holding off until I have time to actually do something about it if I like any of the images. As of right now I still have 3 other shoots that I have to retouch and finish quickly.

For once, I'm kind of liking the stuff that I'm seeing in my work. I don't often please myself so it's a nice change to actually like my own work. But I'm sure that'll all change by next week.


  1. I feel you, I was retouching all day too....what should I do with the black, dotted facial skin? (T_T)

  2. Black dotted facial skin? Sounds like you're talking about moles? If you're talking about moles, that would depend on whether or not they are considered a feature or a defect... if they are considered a feature you leave them in. If they are considered defects you take them out.

    Or just do what I do, which is "Do whatever you want to make the image look better and deal with the consequences later" :)