Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Building negative space

Here's an example of what I do sometimes when I need more canvass

Granted it wasn't easy and it probably took me 15 minutes to build it correctly, the final product is worth it. Again a 5x7"


  1. Howdy Charles,

    Did you happen to use that nifty content-awareness tool for this and clone out what's inconsistent?

  2. Hey Tommy,

    Exactly. I basically rectangle selected each of the 4 sides of the canvass that were white, then I slowly built back the background. Sometimes when you select too much canvass, the content-aware tool tries to do too much. By selecting less, you give it more structure and the CA tool seems to work better.

    Then it was just cloning out the blurriness and the parts that were obviously duplicates of another part. :)