Thursday, August 19, 2010

I suddenly feel like a fool...

You guys know who you are. Yeah I'm talking about you! :) *cough Tommy and Barrington (oneredpanther)

Seriously though, I suddenly feel very silly blogging about the little knowledge that I know, when most of the people that follow this blog know more about photography and retouching (read: Photoshop) than I do. As I mentioned in a reply message, "Why don't you guys write some blogs so I can learn something knew!"

Why anyone reads my inane comments about photography-retouching is beyond me! LOL! :)

That being said, I bet the average IQ of my blog readers far surpasses any other photography blog out there... peace out, my followers are smarter than your followers :) LOL!

Since this thread is worthless without pics, here's a picture of my dog Amy.


  1. I like breasts and lens flares.

    Seriously, I did think about writing a blog since I'm only just at the *very* beginning of taking my photography seriously. There's been a perceptible change in my mind since people started paying me for my photographic output.

    Rest assured I'll let you know if I pick up the literary gauntlet!

  2. Howdy Charles,

    I don't think you should feel foolish at all. My experience with photography is limited to say the least. As a matter of fact, prior to two years ago, I hadn't even touched digital photography... and I mean that broadly. I didn't own a point and shoot and I certainly didn't have access to a DSLR (I think I actually bought my first DSLR in August two years ago :). As for photoshop, I only started to learn it since the spring last year, really.

    So, on both counts, the photography and the re-touching, you have vastly more experience than I do. This isn't anywhere more blatantly clear than in the differing qualities in the images we produce. My pictures aren't anywhere near the quality of your images.

    And I'm sure you'll agree that both the photography and the re-touching have steep learning curves :)

    Another reason why you shouldn't feel silly about blogging: I find your tips pretty useful :P

  3. I should qualify also that the extend of my photoshop knowledge stems from the fact that I did photography backwards. That is, learnt Photoshop in 1999 and didn't get a camera until 2008 - a pretty heft 9-year head start on PS. I'm strange like that.

  4. ... thoughts later in the day...

    I thought about starting a photo blog. I even went as far as setting one up. The problem is I don't have any free time to do it, since photography is not my full time job (In addition to working in the fashion industry, I'm also on my last semester to become a math teacher, actually... yes, Geek-azoid comes to mind :P )

    Maybe after I'm done with this semester, I can make a real go at starting a photography business, which will include setting up and maintaining a blog. :D

  5. I did it!

  6. Awesome! Hahaha :) Well done! :)