Friday, November 20, 2009

So guess who's an idiot...

All this time I thought I was talking to myself...

It turns out there are actually people reading this blog (other than myself). While I have no idea why they'd want to read my ramblings and nonsensical technical jibber jabber, some of them have chosen to respond and comment on my posts...

and I've totally overlooked their comments this whole time!

You see, I never noticed the comment column in the blogger dashboard. Today was the first time I think I ever paid any attention to it. Most of the time it's empty so you can see how that might be an honest mistake on my part.

I'd love to hear from you though, you who are reading this right now. What would you like to see/hear from me? How may I serve you better? :)

Let me know! Leave a comment. I promise I'll read it. :)



  1. hey Charles, i'm Greg aka Bold. i used to be a popular blogger in the triathlon world, and now i've decided to pursue photography as a passion.

    read you everyday, inspired by your work. i'm currently using the Joel Grimes approach:

    and, because of your blog want to learn your techniques re spatial frequency?!?

    find me on Model Mayhem and send me a friend request! it would be great to see your port there!:

    or, you can find me on flickr as well!:

    thanks again for sharing! you'll see your fingerprints all over my latest work on flickr (well, especially since i've got a large stuffed bear coming in the mail -- great idea Charles!), ...

    what i value most is you sharing your journey. what went into the pic for you... set up shots, strobist info, PS techniques are all icing on the cake!!

  2. Thanks Greg. I shall divulge more as I become more comfortable with sharing my PS "secrets" really they aren't secrets since I talk about all the techniques here on my blog. I just don't know how comfortable I am about showing all the screenshots of my retouched work :)

  3. Hi Charles!

    Yep, another Greg here, though I go by Gregory as well. So, I'll stick with Gregory so that you may differentiate the two Greg's here.

    I, too, am inspired by your blog. I stumbled upon it last night around 11 p.m. and forced myself to stop reading your posts around 1 a.m. so that I could get some Zzz's.

    Like you, I am an MBA (from UC-Berkeley). At times, I would love to follow the path that you are taking. However, I currently work at a start-up and love what I do there -- all 60-70 hours per week, including most weekends. What little free time I have, I spend all on photography and, now, Photoshop.

    Many of the photographers that you admire and inspire you are also bookmarked on my computer. Crazy how you can have a connection to someone that you have never met.

    As far as requests, I appreciate the Photoshop tips and really enjoy seeing your setups, so please keep those coming. I plan to go back through ll of you posts from the start through the present. I'll leave comments along the way.

    Enjoy your trip.


  4. Hi Gregory,

    Wow that's pretty crazy. The last time I remember reading that much blog was when I first started reading strobist. I remember reading it, and totally not understanding a word he was saying. Then I'd reread it again, and again, and again... until it finally stuck.

    I have a friend that graduated Haas last year '08 (Dai Deh) who now works at Dole or some other canned fruit place :) dunno when you graduated or if you might know him.

    I'll keep the PS stuff coming and I might make it a little easier to read. For the most part my efforts have been really PS-focused these days anyway so I'm thinking that I should put more emphasis in elaborating there... but that depends on the original question I ask in one of my first posts.

    That being said, I'm going to up the photographic content of my posts as well. I feel like it's too heavily focused on retouching and needs to be pushed back into the photography arena.

    Lots of goals, but ain't execution a bitch? :)