Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ashley: Sun Shy

No Ashley's not afraid of the sun.

I suppose the naming convention for these pictures is quite arbitrary. But that won't stop me from naming these whatever I want.

Okay, so what did I learn? I learned that at this angle of the sun simulates the same way I use my strobes. That said, I typically modify my strobes to come in slightly softer with either a beauty dish or a softbox or something.

The other lesson I learned from experience at the
back wall with Kenna was to read the damn histogram when shooting outdoors and not to use a shallow DoF unless you need it and if you do, you better not be focusing-then-recomposing. With that said, I shot this at f/7.1 and could have STILL used a longer dept-of-field. Mental note: use f/9.0 or smaller aperture next time, hell I had enough light at ISO200 and 1/500th shutter!

I guess I only learned 1 lesson... I read the damn histogram. Some of the resulting shots were a little out-of-focus but only slightly, nothing that sharpening couldn't fix in post-production but I'm a stickler for sharpness out-of-the-box.

I applied a small amount of Orange, Green, Purple gradient but applied it on Overlay at such a small opacity that it's not really noticeable. I'll fix that with the next iteration of Ashley on this wood wall.

I'll have more to say later when I upload the new iteration. BTW, what's with all the blondes in my portfolio? I haven't shot a brunette since Mladenka filled in for another model close to a month ago!

Camera: D3/24-70mm f/2.8G @45mm, 1/500th, f/7.1, ISO200

Strobist: The sun from upper right, but because I needed the sun coming in from a slightly adjusted angle, I shot from a little to the left which made the fence lines a little crooked :\

Model/Makeup/Wardrobe: Ashley Twomey

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