Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making Marilyn

Here's the picture and copy we're submitting to a potential magazine.

To achieve Marilyn's classic look:
1. Start with a clean face, moisturize well. Blend a creme foundation from center of the face out towards the hairline. Use a foundation brush or sponge to work foundation into the skin.
2. Conceal any imperfections, with small synthetic brush.
3. Dust face with loose powder and large fluffy powder brush. Pack powder under the eyes with a sponge to catch eyeshadow that may fall to cheekbone.
4. Apply a light brown shadow from lid to brow focusing on outer eye.
5. Use this same shadow to lightly contour face.
6. Apply a shiny white shadow, preferably loose to inner lid and corner of eyes. Brush onto brow bone as well. With a fan brush, remove loose powder from under the eyes and add shiny white shadow to cheekbone.
7. Line top of eyes with a brown creme liner, winging the end out.
8. Line waterline with white kohl pencil liner.
9. Add a full strip lash to top lashline. Brush real lashes and falsies with one coat of mascara.
10. Finish with red lipstick extended out beyond the lip line.
Have fun!

Now photographically and editing, I didn't do much with this picture. Truth is, I didn't have to. You've got a girl with stunning looks and perfect makeup. I had to find things to do to this image to make it marginally better. Enough said.

Camera: D3/85mm f/1.4D @ f/9.0 (what a waste of the lens), 1/200th, ISO200

Strobist: AB800 from front left creating hair highlighs and AB800 in 22" beauty dish from camera upper right. Head tilt created a nose shadow that was too high but overall acceptable IMHO.

Model: Kenna Cade

Makeup: Kelli Zehnder

Wardrobe: Kenna Cade/Michelle Green

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