Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kenna:Butcher Jacket

Now that I mention it, you can't help but admit it does resemble a butcher's jacket.

What's interesting about this image? I had to lengthen the right border so I could crop it correctly kinda like I did for
RockNRolla but I used the original image and just copied the right side a few times. It was my fault that I didn't compose this picture correctly to begin with but I liked it the most out of all the others in this set.

What else is interesting? Double gradient maps again just like
Kenna Scarf. This time I opted for a Yellow, Violet, Orange, Blue gradient with overlay blending at 13%. Then I applied another B&W gradient, normal blending at about 40% opacity.

Otherwise, it's just the "typical" retouch :)

I should mention that the Smart Sharpen after resizing came out a lot sharper than I expected. I had to tone it down from 100% removing lens blur to 60% and then use luminosity blend and then adjust the blend levels a bit too.

Oh and the wide-angle at 38mm distorts her height and the length of her legs just a touch to make her longer.

Camera: D3/24-70mm f/2.8G @38mm, 1/200th, f/9.0, ISO200

Strobist: See here

Model: Kenna Cade

Makeup: Kelli Zehnder

Wardrobe: Kenna Cade/Michelle Green

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