Wednesday, January 19, 2011

File Storage Upgrades: Part 5

So I finally acquired an OWC Mercury Extreme 240GB SSD. OWC was backordered on these for a week so I'm about a week late in the process. But it finally arrived at my door sometime this afternoon.

I was very anxious as I tore into my 15" MacBook Pro. Several times I had to remind myself to slow down before I broke something out of haste. I remember thinking the following things as I opened the MBP:

- It would seem very easy to crossthread the screws in the MBP, I hope I didn't do that.
- They use Loctite Blue on the screws (or some version of Loctite).
- It sure is dusty in my MBP. Canned air and a soft brush ought to do the trick.
- The instruction manual isn't nearly as good as the tutorial video
- Man, I gotta pee...

But everything has gone smoothly thus far and upon closing up the MBP and rebooting, voila! There was my new OWC SSD detected as a non-readable disk. A quick "Erase" function later and we're transferring the 50GB of WiP (Work in Progress) that I've accumulated in the week that I should have had the disk. I'm currently importing the files from today's shoot and also transferring 2 other folders from the 4 shoots that I'm still processing.

Here are some pics from today's madness :)

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