Sunday, January 9, 2011

File Storage Upgrades: Part 2

Where the hell has all my space gone? With all my images moved off the boot disk, I find that I'm still using close to 100GB of space.



Here's how:


  1. Need to clear that cache bud...

    ACR cache can be cleared in LR prefs I think (or bridge). And what the hell are you Syncing that you have 27GB sitting on you HD for?!?!?

    Ah the joys of file managment.

  2. LOL! Tommy, will clearing ACR cache make my previews smaller?

    27GB is for 2 iPhone backups and 1 iPad backup :) Sucks... but oh well.

  3. No - the ACR cache is... well actually I am not sure what it is!! But your Lr previews are a seperate entity so you wont lose those if that is what you are worried about.

    Just read your next post - I am scared by the fact I do similar things when busy (need to edit two jobs now but am building a website instead) lol

    I used to think it was procrastination, but now I suspect it might be some deeper sickness :p

  4. Tommy LOL! :) BTW, my ACR cache was only 2GB, I'll be increasing it to 50GB and pointing it to my new SSD scratch disk when it gets here...

    It looks like my previews are a separate entity.

    And yes, it's a combination between being mildly OCD and procrastination... definitely an issue of prioritization for me! ;P