Thursday, January 13, 2011

File Storage Upgrades: Part 4.1

Been running on the reconditioned 256GB Apple SSD and using only the Drobo as my scratch disk for PS, Lr, and all images. I thought I'd say a few things about the overall process:

-When I booted from the external HD I was stunned by how long it took to boot the MBP
-That said, overall operations on the MBP didn't take much longer. Once everything boots and loads to RAM it's just as fast
-Using the Drobo as a scratch disk is painful. Because it's painfully slow.

Really looking forward to installing the new OWC 240GB Mercury Extreme SSD as my scratch disk. I'm considering still using the OWC SSD as my boot disk and the Apple SSD as my scratch disk since I can more easily recondition the scratch disk anytime I want. Of course, it has to first ship from OWC which it still has not. They're backordered on all disks...

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