Sunday, January 9, 2011

File Storage Upgrades: Part 3

When everything is going well, I somehow introduce drama into my life.

I should be editing the last 5 shoots. Instead, I've decided to reformat my SSD in the middle of a very tight schedule. Now why oh why would I do this if I weren't slightly obsessively compulsive or insane?


But here I am staring at DiskTester as it's crunching through my Apple SSD clearing what is essentially months of speckled fragments of cache, downloads, and most of all pictures. DiskTester needs 1GB of contiguous disk space in order to work its magic. As of 3 months ago, I did not have 1GB of contiguous disk space even though I routinely deleted files to free up space.

Sad ain't it?

So I've done step 1, skipped 2, done 3, and onto 4.

Wish me luck! Until I get my boot disk back up and running (step 5) I won't feel safe... even though it boots fine from my external USB HD.

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