Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sometimes you get a sequence of images straight from the camera that can actually be used in a row :)


  1. Whats the Lighting Plot for this ?? Same Beauty Dish and on camera ring ??

  2. Nope. I think I just used the PLM (AlienBees 82" PLM). Cheers :)

  3. Hey Charles, not sure why your PLM didn't get shipped to me as my Christmas gift. Did you need my home address again?

    Your series is amazing, my friend. Clever title as well. It has been so great to see you grow.

    As I've told you before, I seriously follow only a handful of up and coming photographers and you're one of them. One of the other photographers who I follow just had his images used by Kodak, yes Kodak, in a campaign of theirs. Another photographer just won first place in PDN's "Go Indie" contest. I have equally great expectations for you.

  4. Hahaha that's awesome because I'm easily the least accomplished photographer of your followed list :) thanks Gregory! That's easily the best compliment... like ever! :)

  5. Oh and Gregory, I shipped out my PLM to you but FedEx returned it saying you were on the waiting list for the PLM over at AlienBees so you didn't want my old/used one ;P

  6. Charles,

    If you had to recommend one PLM, would you recommend one of the silvers or the white? Also, any plans for some workshops in other cities?



  7. Hi Jody,

    Silver. Hard silver. I like the specularity of the PLM.

    And currently my workshops will be in LA or nearby cities. I'll let you know if I go elsewhere :)