Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hasselblad H4D-31

Well it feels like Hasselblad's been pretty tight-lipped about this one. Having maintained a close relationship with the Southern California area sales rep, this one caught me totally off guard. All this time, I though B&H and Calumet were trying to get rid of the H3DII-31 because they were no longer producing the 31MP chips. Turns out that they were just trying to get rid of the H3DII because they have the new H4D bodies.

So how do I feel about this (because my feelings are uber important regarding this matter LOL!)?

I have mixed emotions about this.

I am happy because this means that my 31MP sensor is not (yet) obsolete. I thought Hasselblad was no longer producing these chips but I suppose the 33x44mm Kodak chip still has its uses. IIRC it's also used in the 40MP, and I believe originally the 22MP sensor as well. I'm guessing Hasselblad and potentially Phamiya have to fulfill the outstanding quantities of this chip from Kodak. Or at least that's what I've heard from reading online. Phamiya uses this chip in the P25+ and so too does Pentax in their new 40MP camera. Upon further investigation, not all the Kodak 44x33mm sensors are the same. The H4D-40 and the Pentax 40MP uses this sensor which although is 44x33mm is NOT the same sensor found in my H3DII-31.

But I'm a little peeved that they announced this only months after I acquired my H3DII-31 from Calumet. Granted I purchased a second-hand unit from Calumet at a significant discount with all the warranty of a new unit. I am peeved that I won't have True Focus. Or the little beep that tells me that I've blown highlights. Oh well, I won't be upgrading until they produce something with a nicer LCD :)

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