Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Color profile issues: Blogger

Okay. Here goes:

I uploaded
this image below to blogger:

Notice the sRGB color profile.

When it finishes uploading to blogger it looks like
this (with a reddish tint).

I say WTF then download the exact same image I just uploaded. The info on the file looks like this:

Notice the missing color profile information.

So how did I get my actual version with the proper color profile to upload to blogger? I took a screenshot of the picture when it was open in Photoshop. Before it uploaded it had info that looked like this:

Yet oddly immediately after it uploads it's fine. It retains the "correct color". When I download the file and examine the info the color profile is again stripped:

Also I'm noticing a difference in Alpha Channel: Yes/No

I'm not sure what explains this discrepancy. Or why blogger is showing a different version of my jpegs than what I see before uploading.

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