Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feedback from Luminous Landscape

In a discussion of beauty photography in the medium/large format forum over at Luminous Landscape, I posted my website along with afew examples of my beauty/fashion work with the H3. Two of its members objected to the current style of beauty and fashion saying,
"I've just looked at the site too. I think that what offends you isn't the camera, but simply that it's the current 'look' that is too spaced from any sense of reality. I appreciate that that's where the business is at, but it doesn't mean that one has to like it. I think the photographer is perfectly capable of doing his job, it's just that digital is like doing it with one hand tied up behind your back. Why? Because it creates an identity that can end up fighting you. Or maybe it isn't a film v. digi thing, but a case of PS over-dependency. Look at any of the top (new) fashionista sites and it all looks exactly the same, regardless of the story they are telling. Do you remember when simple things like grain could create mood...?
The thread carried on with heated discussion regarding digital versus film as well as the "over dependency" of PS. Without recounting word-for-word the entire discussion, I'll just send you guys on over to the thread so you can have a look yourself. While I think there were several valid points raised, I think there's backlash from the "old guard" to the direction of digital photography. As a result, the same people can't understand post-processing. Well, take a look then you can tell if I'm crazy :)


  1. Interesting thread. I guess some people are just stuck in their ways or something.

    I for one, LOVE your work Charles. It is very inspiring to me and strive to be as good of a retoucher and photographer as you are.

  2. LOL! Thanks Brian. Here's the thing, I know I'm not perfect. I also know that sometimes I go wayyy off on a tangent. I also know I'm a little crazy.

    While I concede that it's a good idea to "check your reality" now and then, I also think that it's wise to "qualify" the people doing the checking. If these people are well-versed in architecture, still-life, and landscape photography (and often times the same people are pixel-peepers), then perhaps they're not well-suited for providing feedback on portraiture, beauty, fashion, etc.

    Of course, I might be completely insane :)

  3. I don't think you're insane at all lol!

    Indeed, reality checks are good for the soul. Some of the people participating in that thread need one themselves! I honestly think some of the replies you got are from haters, wishing they could do what you do.

    Anyways, on another note I was wondering how you went about learning your retouching? My skills definitely need work.

  4. Actually, I think I'm answering my question by reading your blog from the start! It's amazing how much you have improved since your beginning days!

  5. Hey Brian,

    I'm impressed that you read through my blog. For the sheer volume of my posts (141 in 2009 and 204 in 2010) and also for your patience in wading through my rhetoric LOL :)

    As far as my retouching is concerned, I've got a thirst that can't be quenched. My techniques and process changes on a weekly basis. I'm always looking for more and better ways to retouch. This includes a fair amount of experimentation!