Thursday, September 9, 2010

H4D-40 Review

this review while scouring the Internet. A few highlights regarding Phase vs. Hasselblad:
Hasselblad has incorporated “audio exposure feedback” into it’s instant approval architecture, giving users both visual and acoustic signals that indicate exposure levels without you having to look away from the viewfinder. Both these signals can be user-configured, and there is even a choice of ring tones…

Holy Grail of Hasselblad’s development has been a completely integrated digital camera system engineered from the ground up to take account of everything optical that occurs at the moment of exposure. To do this it has mapped and calibrated the exact parameters of all its lenses and built elaborate look-up tables that Phocus uses to hone the final image quality.

Hasselblad’s 7.2V rechargeable lithium-ion battery grip is a vast improvement over that of the Phase One 645 DF. The latch that holds the rechargeable battery in place is a work of art, and its two-stage lock means the battery slides out into the hand, not the undergrowth.

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