Friday, August 14, 2009

Christy Dark

This is a placeholder for Christy Dark because I'm too tired to write a full-fledged post now!

Items for discussion:
-lighting setup
-mood/feel/low key
-cold/dark feel (see other pictures)
-unintentional blurring on the face
-no need for blurring on skin
-processed highlights and shadows
-created upper/lower curves
-really pushed the levels to remove black and compress the dynamic range for extreme light and dark contrast
-tried not to blow the highlights in levels adjustment
-added vignetting in Lr2.0 for added effect
-added saturation via vibrance
-really wanted punch
-very different from most other pictures in photostream, never processed so darkly
-85mm f/1.4 at 2.0 is a sliver of focus
-at minimal working distance distortion may occur
-love the makeup. Aly is an MUA genius!
-tried both the softbox and beauty dish, not sure why the softbox came out better than the gridded beauty dish

Strobist info: One light AB800 in 42" Westcott Apollo softbox just above the camera. The reflection from the glass table might have provided some fill but negligible. Please see: for exact details on lighting setup

Camera info: Nikon D3, Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D, ISO100, f/2.0. Focus was on the tip of the subject's nose and with this working distance, the eyes and most of the skin is unintentionally blurred (though it is an interesting effect...).

Model: Christy Martinez

Makeup Alyssa Fong

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