Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Christy Angelface

When you have the face of an angel, people can't help but to stare at your face. That being the case, I figured I'd do everyone a favor by posting this close-up of Christy.

As an aside, I had a dream last night where I was talking to one of my models from the past discussing my recent stylistic changes in retouching. I suppose I'll elaborate on that a little with this image since it's a good example.

Let it be noted that there is absolutely no blurring on this image. In fact, none of Christy's images have any blur. Blemish removal yes. Blurring no.

Is this picture retouched? Yes. Is it obviously retouched? No.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, the key to capturing the highlights and shadows on a face is first and foremost makeup. Alyssa did an awesome job with the contouring for the blush to accentuate the cheekbones. Furthermore, I've received rave reviews about the two-toned eye shadow! Hats off to Alyssa for an awesome job on makeup. It totally makes my job easier!

Secondly, lighting. The strong mainlight in the form of a 22" beauty dish creates the intensity and luminescence off of the face while controlling spill. Fill lighting was provided by a silver reflector to lesson harsh shadows underneath the chin (although I did fear that this would reduce the contouring underneath the cheeckbones which might have happened a little). Lastly, 2 AB800 provided kicker/hair/rim lighting from high up on each side of Christy.

Thirdly, I did a number with the shadows created by makeup and lighting and really pushed the areas underneath the cheekbones for greater facial definition. Again, without looking at the original picture, it's not obvious... so you'll just have to take my word for it. Have I ever lied to you? :)

Camera info: D3, 85mm f/1.4D, 1/200th, f/7.1, ISO200

Strobist info: 3 AB800's. 2 camera front left and right on stands high acting as rim/kicker/back/hair lights. 1 AB800 in beauty dish above camera. SB-800 with blue gel firing on black background. Silver reflector below the chin in front of model.

Model: Christy Martinez

Makeup: Alyssa Fong

Processing: PS CS3 and Lr2

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