Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pack Comparison: Mo' Powa'! Part 3

Just yesterday I was shooting the White Lighting X3200. I think I was dialed in around 1/2 power so probably around 650Ws since it's a 1320Ws light.

I tripped the breaker 4 times in 1 set. Nothing is more frustrating that having to bring the C-stand down from 11 feet to reset the breaker.

The worst part of it was that I wasn't even shooting that fast! WTF!

That being said, I've been on tear lately. Shooting "lightdances" (see
photostream for reference) with the Mole-Richardson Baby Solarspot 1000W has spoiled me rotten. Hell, I have been recently reluctant to pull out the Hasseblad because it's just too damn slow for what I want to do lately. Hopefully it's a fad because otherwise, I'll have to sell the H3DII-31. But lately I've been trigger-happy and shooting lots of frames.

So I bit the bullet and bought the Z2500 with the Z2500BTH. Let's see if this thing can keep up with my rate of shooting with its 30,000Ws maximum continuous usage rating. I figure I'll be shooting 700Ws on average which gives me about 43 frames per minute. That's not too shabby.

For reference, this past weekend at our workshop one of the photographers brought his 1000Ws Dynalite pack and our photographers (while not shooting that fast) tripped the breaker on it repeatedly.

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