Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Need an Intern/Assistant

Like the title says, I need an intern/assistant.

I'm primarily looking for students that are enrolled in school and seeking internships either for the summer or for the year. Yes, the kind that requires documentation by the employer. Non-student assistants can apply but I'm looking for a long-term apprentice.

When I started on this photography journey, I couldn't foresee how much of my time would be spent
not doing photography. Time spent networking either online, email, phone or in person. Time spent location scouting. Time spent filing my business license, taxes, invoices, and expenses. Time spent creating marketing campaigns to promote my workshops. Time spent creating the agendas for my workshops. Time spent coordinating shoots. Time spent in Home Depot. Time spent getting in line waiting for pizza at Costcos.

I guess what I couldn't foresee is that the foundation for running a successful photography enterprise is a constantly-running
machine. This machine needs to be constantly maintained, improved, and reworked. The machine is what allows you to keep doing what you love; photography.

This year has been phenomenal and it's only March. I have several projects in the oven that I need help with. I am looking for a special individual that will go above and beyond the call of duty to get
stuff done. Sure there will be a lot of grunt-work. This individual needs to be patient, proactive, and persevering not only to be my intern/assistant but of course to simply survive in this industry. Sure, there will lots of Costco and Home Depot runs along with filing/invoicing/accounting etc. But there will also be lots of shooting/creating behind-the-scenes pictures/videos and creating more media that can fuel the machine. Of course there will be traveling involved as I take some of my workshops on the road.

And of course I'll teach you literally everything that I know. Nothing is off limits. You will see firsthand how a working professional photographer makes money today. Everything from prep to post. You'll gain all the contacts that I have accumulated through the years as well. Most importantly however, you'll learn to think as a successful business-sensed photographer. This is exactly the training that you can't get in school because for me this isn't practice. This is

If you think you've got what it takes to take initiative and be proactive about your education, experience, and ultimately your career, then let me know. Let's get the conversation started and see where you fit into this puzzle. But if you're just going to hide behind the computer and wish that someday you become a world-famous photographer shooting magazine covers, then please don't call me and don't do anything differently... just keep hoping and wishing something great will someday fall into your lap because it happens all the time!

They say dream big and reach for the stars. But the only way you'll reach the stars is by standing on the mountain of red salt that you've created from all the blood, sweat, and tears that you've accumulated from your endeavors as a dreamer.

If not there's always a desk job waiting for you in some cubicle ;)


  1. Man I'll give anything to be your assistant, but unfortunately I live in Italy (fuck)! Anyway, I hope you find someone who really cares about photograhy!!

  2. I would love to be your intern! I am attending school right now but my major is not photography. :( Would you still be interested?

  3. I'd love to be a part of your team. I should be moving out to LA in the next few months...

    I can only hope you'll still have a spot for me by then :) But I'm sure this is an in demand position.

  4. Hi Faline and Jessie :)

    Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss. In fact see the next post and let's talk :)



  5. OMG!!!!!!! I'd love to work with you, that would be such an amazingly learning and humbling experience your work is phenomonal, I am currently a Photography major at the University of Illinois at chicago, so unfortunatly I won't be able to do it, however if you are ever in the midwest I'm your guy!!!

  6. I am a photography major @ Daytona State in Florida. I love every challening second of it no matter how frustrated I tend to get. Not blowing smoke but, I seriously just based one of my assignments on your work (my professor was looking for an emulation project). Everyone loved it but I still don't feel it was up to par.
    I've recently separated from the Air Force as a SSgt so I'm experienced in "grunt work" discipline, lots of sweat, and even tears. As a former model and actress, I've found my passion in photography and I'm willing to do whatever, wherever, however...Thank you for sharing your talented work and for the opportunity.


    Tiffany Katz

  7. and I live in Germany ;)
    would give up everything here to do the work

  8. I Care about Photography I live in Australia (Sydney) at the moment, Original from Denmark!

    If I can get a visa to America ill move straight away:) I am actually looking for an Assistant position here in Sydney at the moment, but would love to come to LA to gain experience and learn from a Pro your work is awesome.

    Not sure if its possible but let's talk over Skype or phone. I can move NOW!!:)

    Best reagrds


  9. I'm interested. Please message me?

    MM# 710891. Lisa

  10. I go to school for photography in Tampa,fl and would love to work with you. Your work is beyond amazing! I'm trying to learn more studio work and get a feel for a more professional work. My mm# 1940769 hope to hear back

  11. I would be so interested if you were a little closer.. mm #1254934

  12. Interested...

    We talked briefly once or twice before.

    I am approximately an hour and 20 minutes out from LA though. I will be attending an Art Center in the Fall.

    My goal? Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, W.

    P.S. Archived in Vogue Italia recently as well :).

  13. If there's still an opening I'd love to interview for the position! My email is and phone number 909 720 4058

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  15. Good Afternoon Lucima,

    I stumbled across your post by mere chance but I've been preparing for an opportunity like this. My name is Trenton Squire I've served two years in the military doing clerical work and now I'm currently a film student with a sincere interest in photography. I've looked at your work in pure astonishment and would love to weather the storm with you in the following years to come, learning and growing with someone who has mastered their craft. I'm very serious about progressing in the visual arts, consider my offer in good faith. My email is I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  16. Good afternoon Lucima,

    Like many have already mentioned we would all love this opportunity to learn from someone who has mastered their niche. I am a miami based photographer who is looking to embark on a new journey. A journey that would have a great story and learning experience if it started with being your intern. My email is, I hope to hear from you soon.


  17. I would love to be your intern/assistance

    (310) 430 2675

  18. I would love to be your intern/ assistant! My name is Micah Blue. Former model, now MUA, new talent recruiter, shoot coordinator and starting into my ultimate dream as a fashion photographer. I am open to learning especially from you I have been following your work many years. I live in LA and would drop everything to work for you. I feel I will never succeed if I dont work with the most educated talented people in this business. I shoot for the stars, why not? I have nothing to lose :)
    Micah Blue

  19. Hi if it is possibvle for part time assistance...weekend and late afternoon on weekadays...please let me know...i'm seriously applying for the or to MM#1978225

  20. Hi! I am in my second year at AI in North Hollywood. I have already completed my intern credits for my school at Siren Studio in Hollywood. I also have experience working with many awesome and published photographers in the LA area. I am interested in assisting with you. Txt, email, smoke signal me a message so we can meet.
    Dominic Alvarez

  21. If only you worked out of Atlanta. It be an honour to be an assistant of yours. Your work is exactly my style, clean, crisp, full of colours and details.

    MM #57937

  22. I would jump at this opportunity.. but unfortunately I live in the UK :(
    Hopefully you found someone suitable :)


  23. Charles i would die if i could intern with you, given im only 17 but ive been told the talent is there the possibility of me interning with you over the summer gives me chills please let me know if it is a possibility.

    -thanks so much
    Robert Whitham

  24. Joesi S.

    I feel that interning for you would be an amazing adventure that I'd love to take;) Your talent &&& creativity makes me wish that I was in L.A. right now :/ ... hope to move there when I graduate college in a year! maybe you'll need another intern by then (fingers crossed) ;)

    Xo Joesi
    MM# 1811016

  25. Hey Charles i'm interested too but I'm wondering how much time do you need an intern to be available per week?

  26. I don't mean to spam my website but here's my portfolio its I'd be willing to leave school to be your assistant :)

    contact info is 818-245-0154

  27. Hi Yosep,

    This is probably a good general post but I am not really advertising the need of interns anymore. But generally speaking it's very demanding. Requires 2-3 months, 4-5 days a week, 5-6 hours a day. Cheers :)


  28. Hey dude, I'd love to be your intern. Not sure if you are still looking for one or not.
    Anyhow you may find my portfolio here:
    I am looking forward to hear from you very soon.