Thursday, March 3, 2011

B&W Fashion Workshop Results

Click here for full-on details and images (results) from the workshop!

The workshop went extremely smoothly. We had such an excellent group of knowledgable photographers that were phenomenal to work with. Of course who could forget the amazing models that made this an unforgettable experience. Then of course my solid workshop army/team without whom I could not run my workshops... the team was amazing as always!

This time around I felt I gave a solid presentation. It was meaty. It had tremendous substance filled with diagrams and light setups and pictures and examples. All in all, the photographers got 2 hours of presentation, 3 hours of shooting, and 1 hour of demonstration (Photoshop) with 1 hour of lunch.

And the more I do these, the more I want to do these. Deep down, I'm a teacher. I love sharing knowledge and giving people opportunities to have "ah-ha!" moments :) At my last job I trained clients to use the software and in graduate school I was a TA for accounting (yup, Master's program). I suppose teaching feeds my ego and makes me feel like I'm making a difference in the world!

The next workshop is going to be a doozy though! It's gonna be a 2-day location-based workshop with
several models ;) I'm excited just thinking about the details. Trying to fit this one in before April is over (I'm thinking the 15-17th weekend). We're going to tackle fashion/editorial on-location filled with ambient/strobe lit situations! :)

Stay tuned!

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