Thursday, October 7, 2010

Natural light?

Katie. H3D/HC-80mm. 1/45th f/2.8 ISO200.

It was raining outside. For no reason other than I had some raggedy old white paper that could be used for some low-profile shots, I opened the roll-up gate to the studio. Overcast, cold, but soft and even light coming into the studio otherwise.

To the left of the paper (from my perspective) was "
The Box". So there was some soft shadow from the main light source which was to the left of The Box.

Contrast from soft natural light? Still achievable. It's all in the retouch. I played with the curves adjustment for quite some time before achieving just the right balance though. Hopefully I'll have more from this set to demonstrate later

Oh and this was from the same set:

Katie. H3D/HC-80mm. 1/60th f/3.4 ISO400.

More to come!