Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good vs. Good-looking

I think I need to clarify my TOTD post from a couple weeks back. I think I placed too much emphasis on a good-looking model vs. a "good" model.

I'm definitely in the camp that believes good-looking model ≠ good model. There are awesome models that aren't very good looking at all. It doesn't hurt to be extremely good-looking! But it's far more important to be good at modeling than it is to be good-looking period.

Working with the best model you can find doesn't mean picking the most attractive girl in the agency package. I will often flip through those packages and cross-off those that are just "another pretty face" or limited to beauty.

Of course when a good-looking model intersects with a good model then you've got the perfect package but often it's the case that good-looking models limit their looks/range and can't express themselves to the same degree as a not-so-attractive model that's willing to go all-out.

Maybe later I'll go more into what I look for in a model and pictures...

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  1. I am getting really deep into your past blogs. but I can not agree with you even more. AMEN Charles!! Hundreds of shots, spent time, motivational talks, directing, for 2 okay images.