Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ain't life grand?

Ain't life grand? I was wandering Home Depot again today, something that still makes me break into a cold sweat and halfway through my search for metal washers I thought to myself,

"I should slow down and really just enjoy this experience"

Now, why on Earth would I say such a thing to myself?

Because it's in the details! There I was, shopping for washers, casters, sandpaper, nails and paint; supplies that would allow me to roll my wooden box around the studio instead of pulling it along a sheet of melamine (the paint and the sandpaper was for the stairs and the nails were for the frames I'm hanging in the studio). I don't like going to Home Depot. Every time I'm there I spend too much time wandering the halls looking for stuff I can't find, I spend too much money on stuff I'm not sure I really need, and I spend too much energy feeling frustrated about being lost and spending money :)

But I'm there because I'm trying to accomplish something for the studio. That means Home Depot is part of the process. The goal isn't as important as the journey we take to get there. Life is the frustration, the blood, sweat and tears that we pay forward to get to where we want to go. I myself often forget this fact. So it's nice to remind myself once in a while.

This is life. All of it. The good and the bad. I should learn to appreciate all of it. The stuff that's bad really isn't so bad in comparison to what other people have to deal with anyway!

Ain't life grand? Yup, sure is!

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