Thursday, July 29, 2010

FU Lightroom!

I've got 2 drives. An internal and an external. My internal drive is a 256GB SSD which isn't a lot of space when you shoot 12MP and occasionally 31MP (when I get my H3DII-31 back someday...).

I usually keep the stuff I "need" on the internal. When I'm done with that folder, I'll move it to the external as an archive. Lately, I've noticed that my disk space hasn't increased much by moving these folders off-site. I couldn't figure out why. I figured my pictures were the only things taking up space... boy was I wrong.

I began investigating. I started at the root level and found that most of my space was being used by the folder "Users"

I scratched my head because I knew that my "Desktop" folder only used 8GB and my "Pictures" folder only took up 20-30GB. So I rummaged through each folder until I found this:

And within Lightroom the biggest offender was this:

Just how big of an offender are we talking? This big:

Between 2 screens I couldn't show you how many backups I've made. It dates back to June 9, 2009. The truth is I use another external just for Time Machine and this article says you really don't need Lr backups if you're doing routine backups of your entire HD. So I deleted all the backups except for the most recent 3.

Now I've got this (oh and I cleaned out the trash can):


  1. Top of the mornin' to ya!

    This is one of the painful things about computers, data management; and this is coming from someone who spent years managing data. I haven't yet devised a full-proof system to quickly rename, categorize, store and retrieve files.

    I know I should be more rigorous about it, but most of the time if I really like an image then I'll set it aside in a "Done" folder pertaining to a particular set. That is, once I photoshopped it. Otherwise the files are dated and tucked away in it's original folders. I don't know why I do this since I'm probably not going to go back to it once I've made my selection from the set. You can imagine gigabytes taken up in my external hard drive! Ah well :P

  2. I think if you asked 10 different photographers what their workflow looks like, you'd get 10 different responses. Sure we share similarities but I doubt that any 2 would be identical! You'll have to show me your "original" folders and what they look like sometime :P