Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bandstop Processing a.k.a. Spatial Frequency Separation

I found this while looking for something else. It's a step-by-step to achieve spatial frequency separation for skin processing, sharpening, etc. that I use on my images. This tutorial doesn't use layers for each of the steps but the result is the same.

Have fun!

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  1. thanks Charles!

    interesting approach that begs an Action.

    i'm still liking this approach better because the approach is to create (i think) a high and low pass, and then because they are different layers, you blend them variably using opacity.... so, instead of say removing 8-25 as in this example, you set 8 and 25 variably through sliders:

    when you get down to it though. how you paint the black/white mask ends up being more art than science -- the science just gets you 80% of the way there quicker IMHO