Monday, November 23, 2015

L U C I M A | Podcast | Precision

Charles makes a mistake and gets really upset about the situation. Thus a podcast was born.
This podcast talks about mistakes. Systematic versus random errors. How little mistakes can reflect poorly on you. How little mistakes can cost you time, money, or even your life.
This podcast is chockfull of examples about how being precise can truly benefit you as a photographer. Precision should be a guiding philosophy in your journey as a photographer.
What does this mean for photographers?
Systematic errors have serious implications for photographers affecting (but not limited to) the following issues:
- Dodging and burning
- Getting better models
- Developing a consistent style
- Scoping out locations site-unseen
- Multi-tasking (camera settings, manual focus, prisms, lighting, model direction, etc.)
Are all mistakes bad? No. This podcast will be the impetus for the next podcast about when mistakes can be good. That podcast will be called "organic mutation".
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