Monday, November 2, 2015

L U C I M A | Podcast | If Your Life Were a Movie: Special Guest Ronnie Toth

This is episode 4 of the LUCIMA Podcast series, "If Your Life Were a Movie".
Everyone has a story to tell. Human stories about change, transformation and often redemption. Through real life story arcs, our special guests explain how they became who they are today. Join us for an inside look into some amazing stories.
Here's what Charles had to say about Ronnie prior to this interview:
I've been wanting to get Ronnie on podcast ever since we started doing the "If Your Life Were a Movie" series. Seeing how he recovered from the crash is nothing short of a miracle. I mean, if you were to tell his story people would accuse you of making stuff up. As an endurance athlete since he was young, Ronnie had been training to be a Navy SEAL since he was 12 years old. After college he takes a stance against the war on terror and does not enlist for the Navy. By abruptly departing from his lifelong goal he falls into depression and becomes suicidal. At the suggestion of friends and family Ronnie starts cycling again and quickly becomes professional. Sprinting to the finish line at one of the biggest bicycle races of the year he crashes face first into a metal barrier at 42MPH. He breaks his arm in three places, shatters his face (almost loses an eye) and almost dies. In 25 days he is back on the bike (21 of those days spent in the hospital). I remember seeing him at the Rose Bowl a couple months after the crash. He had lost 35 pounds and looked like a shadow of the man he was before. To make matters worse Ronnie endured a divorce during the recovery of his crash.
And yet he still stands. Proud, optimistic and stronger than ever. He's been racing and even winning again barely a year after his crash.
And more impressive than his recovery is his ability to inspire others. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or on Strava, Ronnie always looks for the opportunity to motivate and inspire his audience with personal stories and uplifting quotes. But where does he get his optimism? Where does he find inspiration why does he choose to inspire others? Why is he driven to succeed when others would so readily accept defeat? These are the questions I wanted to ask him.
There are few heroes in the world, but Ronnie Toth is one of mine. I hope you enjoy this podcast.
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