Wednesday, November 4, 2015

LUCIMA | Podcast | Mark Reay Pre-Interview Discussion

Per the Hollywood Reporter: Mark Reay, a onetime male model who looks like a silver-fox socialite, takes photos of New York fashionistas during the day and sneaks up to a rooftop each night, huddling in a hidden sleeping bag until morning. Showing how he manages to keep his homelessness secret, director Thomas Wirthensohn (a model himself, who met Reay in the '90s and makes his debut here) offers a fascinating look at life in a city where getting by can be a lot more complicated than it seems. His investigation of Reay's psyche is less deep than one might hope for, but the observational material alone is enough to merit attention on the doc circuit — and probably to scare New Yorkers who live with the knowledge that good gigs can vanish in an instant.
Usually we do this after the interview but after watching the documentary Homme Less, Keith and I had so many thoughts that we decided to discuss Mark before actually talking to Mark. This led to some opposing perspectives (as usual) and raised lots of questions that I eventually asked Mark.
Watch Homme Less on iTunes on November 9th!

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