Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sofortbild: Mac/Nikon Tethering

Do I love
Sofortbild? I don't know yet... I'm testing it out as we speak :)


  1. curious to hear your thoughts, it keps crashing for me on my MBP

  2. It crashed several times on my MB 5.1

    I downloaded the new beta... It was better at first but has crashed on me before. I'm not sure why, but I can at least get that version to work consistently. It might be the sequence of events for using the software, including turning on the camera, Lr, etc. dunno! See my new post :)

  3. Yea its a shame since it seems like a nice program but also tethering for me was not usable. I was really only planning on using it for product photography.

    I had it setup so I was able to shoot in my studio in one room on my laptop and had my main editing workstation stand by with a watched folder in lightroom.

    So this way I could go in the other room on my larger screen and see the tethered shots, it did take a minute since it was transferring the NEFs over the network