Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anneliese: Filler

So I needed a collage for Anneliese and with the first 3 pictures, something was missing. I remembered seeing a nice collage from
TheSheepShagger and I wanted something similar. I retouch so often but rarely put stuff like this together because I'm lazy. There I said it. LOL! :)

Anyway, I retouched this one specifically for the collage. Admittedly not my finest work, really needs more TLC than I gave it. It was my 3rd retouch that night and I think I had a shoot that day! This crop was not the original out-of-the-box image. I have promised however to shoot more tight crops to work with and not have to crop in post.

Camera: D3/85mm f/1.4D, 1/200th, f/6.3, ISO200

Strobist: AB800 in 40ยบ gridspot beauty dish from upper right. Am I a broken record yet???

Model/wardrobe: Anneliese Nicole

Makeup: Kelli Zehnder

Hair: Michelle Green

Here's the collage:

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