Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RAW Adjustments as part of the "Balancing" in the LUCIMA Workflow

RAW Adjustments as part of the "Balancing" in the LUCIMA Workflow from Charles LUCIMA on Vimeo.

This is just the beginning of the "Balancing" act (pun intended).

And it (the intro video above) covers only what I do with the B&W versions.

- But the next workshop will be so much more. As you can see from the "timeline" workflow diagram above the next webinar will cover both color and B&W images.

- The workflow will start with RAW adjustments after import and how these affect your final product. Most people inadvertently try to add "contrast" (I don't mean just the contrast slider) at this stage when they need to be balancing the histogram and redistributing the data points across the histogram.

- In Photoshop we then examine various balancing "tools" and their functions in order to further produce what I would have expected the camera to capture "out of the box". The goal is to extract the most that each image has to offer. This often means balancing color tones, fixing exposure issues, and applying specific tonal contrast to get subject to pop.

- While slightly outside of "Balancing" (but not falling within the stylistic effects of Analog Retouching) we will look at color grading and how to create the color grades consistent within my images.

- We'll look through several of my full Photoshop layered files to understand the process and the individual techniques.

- I'm taking suggestions for which images we should examine in all their full-layered glory. Feel free to email me or just comment on this post!

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