Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Q/A The Business of Fashion Photography

And Personal from the LA Splash Cosmetics shoot

Q: I'm very interested in learning more about your workshop dedicated to the business of fashion photography. If you have further information on line feel free to point me to it.

My region has a small but building community and some of the designers are getting noticed appearing in Fashion Week NYC and South Beach. I have a good working relationship with some and there are four local agencies here. By happenstance in the last few months a few women who are represented have been appearing at my door step for shoots.

I noticed that you do test shoots for Ford (envious) but your style, skill, and experience show your worth. I'm not kidding myself. I still have much to learn but have been trying to seek out the best teachers and mentors who are doing what I aspire to avoid common mistakes, get on the fast track of learning all while paying my dues.

As I said I'm traveling out to the west coast in October and if time and schedules allow would be interested in both the business side and doing a shoot under your guidance to up my game in my local market.

A: I recall this post that might shed some light on the subject.

As far as doing the agencies right, type "modeling agencies" into my blog here (top right) and you'll see lots of talk on modeling agencies.

But for the real deal, you should really check out my Working with Modeling Agencies webinar. It's 3 hours and covers all the nitty gritty for what agencies want.

Then for part II you should see this.

Last but not least of course I'd love to see you in person so we can work together via a private workshop.

Now, let me explain so it doesn't seem like all I want you to do is purchase random products.

The first webinar I suggested is relatively cheap. It allows you to "get to know me better" without having to spend a ton of money. It also addresses many of the pitfalls that I have experienced with working with modeling agencies. It's a subject many photographers take for granted because the truth is that you really only get one chance to do the agencies right before they write you off.

Especially in a smaller market, it's not like you can just call up another agency. There might only be one legitimate agency.

The 2nd webinar I just recorded last weekend. It's a 3-part webinar that showcases my personal Model Direction/Interaction style. It will help you get better images because it's a systematic approach to the entire shoot. It's not just what you say or don't say to the model. It's strategic about market perception, branding, etc. to get the right models to want to work with you so you don't have to really say anything.

Of course I still address what to say/not say during the shoot. And there is video footage of me shooting live so you get can get a better idea of how I interact with my models.

Of course neither of these videos will address the real-life situation of being in your market which is not LA. Not by a long shot. But there are still ways to position yourself to succeed in your market. Were we to do a business workshop I would cover my strategies and methods and help you tailor a plan that would work for you out there given your skill sets and regional limitations.

Lots to think about. Let me know what you think! :)


  1. I think 300 Dollar is a bit steep for a rebroadcast ...

  2. Why should a rebroadcast be cheaper that the original? The information has not changed. Either you feel the info is worth your time or you don't. There is no sense in complaining about the price.

    There is currently a downloadable "CD" from a NY head shot photographer on the market. What does it sell for? $300. Take it or leave it.