Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hardware: Wacom Mouse KC-100

I have 2 Wacom KC-100 mice for the Intuos 4 tablet. My first one had a inconsistent left mouse click that would sometimes register a double-click when I intended to single click. This led to a opening a lot of files unintentionally. Extremely annoying to say the least.

Well, my second KC-100 has failed. Not as terrible but the "Back" button that I use to control my browser (Safari) has failed. Won't register a click at all. Opened it up. Cleaned it out, got it to click on certain click angles when it was opened up but when I put it back together it still won't click.

Have reverted to using the first KC-100 with the double-click issue and seeing if the double-click issue is now resolved with either software updates or just the collection of dust from being on the shelf so long.

Otherwise, I haven't had much issue with the tablet. Probably my own fault that the mice fail because I drop them occasionally. But hey, they should withstand basic drop tests. It's not like I'm chucking them at the Eizo when I lose my temper during a retouch.

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