Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workshop Q/A II

Q: I have a huge interest in advancing my fashion shooting and editing skills. I have done some work for local modeling agencies using a small strobe kit and I'm looking into various workshops around the country. I'm self-taught and hope to gain from a group educational setting.

I have five years as a freelance travel and food photographer under my belt, however I've only been supplementing my income with odd jobs. I'm young and hope to eventually advance enough in my market to support myself with photography, so education and experience are my current main goals. I'm glad to see that you offer some course time on professional practices as well!

Could you please give me some more information about your workshop schedules and pricing? I would be looking at attending a course next spring, and while I'm sure you do not have a firm schedule, I just want to confirm that you have offerings year-round. Thank you! I appreciate your time!

A: Thanks for the message! I am still putting together my next group workshop and I don't have specific details just yet. I will soon though. It looks like the class should be sometime in September. I'll put your email on the notification list so you'll know soon!

As far as schedules and pricing. I teach private workshops all the time. Next week a photographer has booked for 3 consecutive days for both shooting, retouching and classroom material. The week after another photographer has booked me for 2 days (3 models shooting on 1 day and then retouching on the second day). So essentially we can do anything under the sun with workshops. It really depends on what you need.

With that said, usually photographers book me for a single day and request a single model.

The scheduling depends on both your avialability and my availability. I do offer workshops year-round and I schedule them in between my client-work and passion projects. And business is not only one of my favorite subjects but also my background with previous corporate work.

I'd love to hear more about your journey so we can tailor the workshop to your needs!

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