Monday, July 30, 2012

L U C I M A | Condition One: Behind the Scenes

This one has been fun. Really putting me to the test when it comes to visualizing music and choreographing action. I wanted to share a few behind the scenes images showcasing the construction of the video.

Death by 400 cuts. There around 300-400 edits that made it into the final cut of this video. Which means there were thousands of ones that didn't make it.

Grading. FAIL. Note to self. Don't make mistakes when you're copying and pasting coloring adjustments onto a bulk section. The problem stems from some clips having transform adjustments. And if I just select all and delete adjustments, those transform adjustments will also get annihilated.

One last screen capture of the video while I was working on Jessica's section. Almost considered making this a B&W edit!