Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sony NEX-7 Review: 2-shoot post

IQ with Macy Nicole.

2 still shoots later with the Sony NEX-7 I have a pretty good understanding of this camera. Lemme talk about them in no particular order.

- Not sure why the histogram doesn't appear in the EVF when it appears on the Live View display. Slightly irritating since I'd like to see a live histogram if possible.

- People talk about dynamic range and IQ all the time. Here's an example. You draw your own conclusions. It was lit like you'd imagine. And the shadows were much darker than they appear. But fortunately they were recovered in post.

- ISO and grain. This is an interesting subject. Methinks that the algorithms particular to the Sony lenses get "resolved" better. Basically I'm considering getting an adapter to mount my Canon lenses since I have some nice fast primes. People object because the image quality isn't as good. But it's not that. It's that the innate adjustments proprietary for Sony lenses aren't going to happen because they aren't written for Canon lenses. Things like chromatic aberration, vignetting, and possibly even flaring and noise (someone check this for me). Basically I think that the algorithms written for the Sony lenses are superb. It's ability to render images that should be noisier for such a small sensor is impressive. I'd say that the noise is about 1/2-1 stop less than my D3. I'd be willing to shoot ISO800 all day but pushing to ISO1600 makes me leery. With the D3, I'd shoot ISO1600 all day and a little unwilling to push to ISO3200.

- Speed. It's still slow. Looking into the fastest class SD cards. But the slow speeds for me to be a little more selective on actuation.

- B&W viewfinder/EVF and Live View. Sehmuz, you were right. This changed the world for me. Interestingly these were gamechangers I did not foresee. Switching from EVF to Live View is another eye-opening experience that lets me see the world differently. I need a little more time to decide how I ultimately feel and how big of a difference it actually makes.

- Battery. No issue so far with hundreds of frames (but under 1,000) per session.

- Lens. Not a fan of the "floating" aperture on the zoom. All my zooms are fixed aperture. Makes my manual settings "unreliable". Maybe the 28mm f/1.8?

- Display versus EVF. I find that the contrast between the two are not identical. The EVF is more contrasty and shows shadows darker IMHO. I don't like the fact that they don't match. And the fact that they are darker than the actual neutral RAW file bugs me even more. I like to see the "truth".

Will 3 more sessions by the time the week is over. Stay tuned!


  1. Histogram appears in the viewfinder. Camera is not in from of me so I can not tell you out of my head how to configure. I will let you know.

    Buy a 50 f1.8 really sharp and it has vibration control. Also you need a flash adapter if you want to use your strobes, do not buy the Sony one it is ridiculously expensive.

  2. Sehmuz, you're right. Just for everyone else basically as you look through the EVF you need to hit the display butting a few times to rotate through the different displays.