Monday, December 20, 2010

Workshop Update #1

I've been getting lots of inquiries about content and other stuff so I figured I'd answer all the questions in one fell swoop here!

I've decided to change the workshop attendance cap to 9 instead of 12. I think that will keep the classroom small and the environment much more intimate and conducive toward 1-on-1 learning. One month out and we've got 7 more spots!

How to register?
Just provide the following information in a message/email:


How to pay?
For payment, I take either Paypal or check. Please message me for payment detail. Most importantly please let me know which type of payment to expect.

What to bring?
You'll need your camera, lenses, and several disks of memory (unless you have a computer or a storage device). I recommend a notebook (not necessarily a computer) or something for taking notes. I like paper because it allows me to draw quickly diagrams and stuff.

Basically I would bring anything capture-side related that makes you comfortable (e.g. triggers, lightmeters, etc.). The studio is fully equipped with lights and power if we go on location.

Who is/are the model(s)?
I'm still working on scheduling. I will post this information as soon as I have news. It'll be an agency-repped model that can move for hours on end though ;P

Difference between Day 1 and Day 2?
We'll be doing more of the indoor stuff (or you could call it "classroom stuff" but I hate that term) on day 1. On day 2 we'll focus more on shooting. We'll also shoot on day 1 but not as much:

Day 1:
-Review basic agency criteria
-Portfolio review
-Approach and communication,
-Basic studio setups
-Shoot and review (we go over the images together on computer immediately after you shoot them)

Day 2:
-Outdoor setups
-Creating the "agency look" in post
-Photographer/model interaction

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