Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Learning

Got an email that made me blush today. That's unusual, considering I have ice flowing through my veins ;P

Hi Charles

I just wanted to thank you. This year was very bad for me and to be honest i had lost all inspiration when it came to my work. I felt stuck, bored, lifeless. Everything was grey boring and black and white. And then i found your page on flickr and i just have to say your work has given me that kick i needed, ive always had this image in my head that i wanted to achieve but having never got there forgot about it. But you have shown me what i wish to do is possible and have given me new found vigour and drive to do what i want. Hopefully one day i will be to your standard, but for know i will continue to follow in awe. Keep up the amazing work.

Now im off to learn about customizing adjustment layers :)

best wishes


My response follows:


Thanks for that awesome message :) Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I promise you that. I never thought I'd be doing this and here we are... talking about adjustment layers.

The thing about learning is that the curve isn't linear. It's not exponential (usually). It's some slope that's undulating, sometimes steep, sometimes flat. The steep parts are when you're totally immersed in new material and trying to take in as much/fast as possible. The flatter sections (plateaus) are the actual application/execution of that learned material. It's still part of the learning process but it can sometimes seem like you're not making any progress. Being bored or stuck in a rut is usually what precedes another very steep learning period ;)

Keep learning and keep growing! I'm glad I can be of service! :)



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